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Driver Safety

We specialize in REVOKE LICENSE! 

 Got your driver’s license revoke due to medical reasons?  Not a problem, we can help. 

 We’ll send a letter to the Department of Motor Vehicles Safety Department on your behalf to request for a Special Instructional Permit from your hearing officer.  After obtaining the permit we will start you off with driver training lessons.  The Behind-the-wheel Driver Training consist of: reviewing over the instrument panel and controls to make sure our student have a clear understanding how to operate a motor vehicle, rules and regulations that govern the California Highway Transportation System, practice driving on surface roads and highways, and prepare our student for the DMV drive test.   An evaluation will be given towards the end of each lesson.  Once we determined you’re ready for a drive test a request will be sent to the Safety Department for a drive test.

For more information, please contact our office at (916) 424-8877 to speak with a staff member.